[Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe)

JEP Editor editor at jabber.org
Thu Mar 3 18:01:21 UTC 2005

Version 1.7 of JEP-0060 (Publish-Subscribe) has been released.

Abstract: This JEP defines a generic publish/subscribe framework for use by Jabber entities.

Changelog: Reinstated pubsub#subscribe feature (deleted in error); added type attribute for the <create/> and <configure/> elements to differentiate between leaf nodes and collection nodes; in Section 8.1.7, changed affiliations retrieval support to SHOULD and added pubsub#retrieve-affiliations feature; in Section 8.1.10, removed two duplicate examples; in Section 8.1.12, clarified relationship between normal disco#info data and node meta-data (which uses a service discovery extension); in Section 8.2.4, specified that node purgation MUST result in one event notification, not a notification per item; in Section 8.1.8, further specified handling of SubIDs; clarified nature of the pubsub#type field; mentioned that the forbidden error should be returned in response to certain operations requested by an outcast; corrected datatype of max_items attribute from xs:string to xs:positiveInteger; corrected <requestor-not-subscribed/> error to <not-subscribed/> since the subsribed JID need not be that of the requestor; added service discovery features for more optional use cases: retracting items, purging nodes, deleting nodes; updated relevant registries. (psa/rm)

URL: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0060.html

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