[Standards-JIG] JID Escaping (JEP-0106)

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Wed Mar 16 18:32:06 UTC 2005

> IIRC, we had some unresolved issues regarding the interaction of JID
> escaping with entities like the MSN gateway. I'm going back through
> list archives now to refresh my memory. However, if we say (as
> now does) that you should use jabber:iq:gateway in order to
> gateway JIDs, then that may remove the obstacles to using JID escaping
> where it is needed (e.g., email/LDAP integration).

Well, we use this JEP as it sits in our products today.  It's quite
useful, and as long as you do it only in applicable places it doesn't
seem to cause any issues.  We do not implement it on the client
anywhere, so the gateway issues do not pop up.

JD Conley 

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