[Standards-JIG] User display extended presence

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Mar 16 22:36:05 UTC 2005

> But isn't that supposed to be in the vCard or some other fairly static 
> repository of personal information?

Not if the user in question cannot automatically notify their contacts who 
are interested in receiving updates of this information immediately as and 
when it changes.

> IMO a nickname really doesn't need PubSub. You use a nickname once when 
> adding someone to your roster, after that you don't want to have the 
> person on the other side change their nick on your roster every other day.

Why not?

> With MSN it's trivial to change your Display Name (or whatever it's 
> called) and lots of people abuse that to convey status information. They 
> want you to be aware of the fact that they bought a new car, got their 
> drivers licence, went to a concert, etc, etc. But isn't that what the 
> status message is for? 99% of the people I know hate the fact that a lot 
> of people don't even put their own name into the 'display name' anymore. 
> So one user can be called 'Bought a new car!' on monday and then he'll be 
> 'Went to the Cheeky Girls last night!' on wednesday.

So... Just because you do not like it doesnt mean that everyone who uses IM 
clients dont like it, I often get comments from people I get to try jabber 
asking why they cant change their nickname and have it update in their 
friends contact lists, the regular end user likes this functionaility, if we 
want end users to use jabber we need to give the users what they want, not 
just say they cant have it because you dont personally like it.

Also why should they be forced to resort to "abusing" the status text to 
convey information that would be better placed in the nickname, status text 
should be there for the current status information like "in the shower", "on 
the phone", not for "Richard has new car", what happens when you want to 
tell your contacts you are on the phone ??? at the moment we are forced to 
shuv it all into the status text, it just seems wrong and an abuse of the 
status text to put essentially non status related info into it (its also 
confusing for end users when you tell them thats where they have to put it, 
they come up with similar responses to what I have just listed here), also 
the beauty of this spec is that it is completely voluntary, if you dont want 
to receive updates of other peoples nicknames dont turn it on in your 
client, simple.

> IMO it would be better if you would see something like:
> 'Bob - Bought a new car'

If the other user wanted it to appear that way that is what they would have 
put as their nickname, thats their choice, its also your choice of wether 
you want to receive these updates, thats the beauty of using pubsub, only 
the people who are interested in said info need to be alerted about it, and 
there is absolutely nothing forcing it on you. Also conceivably you could 
have extra options for defining how you would want the updated nicknames 
displayed in your client, if you really want you could have it display 
'Bob - Bought a new car' rather than 'Bought a new car', surely thats upto 
the implementation.

> in your roster. Lots of Jabber clients already do that. IMO abusing the 
> nickname to convey status information is a Bad Idea.

IMO forcing people into abusing the status text for essentially non status 
information is a Bad Idea.

> The MSNM transport sets the Jabber status to the Display Name of MSNM 
> users. User icons/avatars are a different matter, but IIRC there is 
> already a JEP (or even several JEPs) for that? :)


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