[Standards-JIG] jep-0142 and a city council workgroup

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu Mar 17 05:00:24 UTC 2005


> Formidable work. I was suggested using jivesoftware when I posted to
> jadmin about this but this must be a free software project.

Are you looking to create an Open Source project or to just use the functionality inside your own organization? Going with a commercial product is definitely cheaper than building something yourself, IMHO. :)
> I've looked at http://www.jivesoftware.org/ too.
> Do you think there might there be code available on the .org site to help here?

Our commercial work on Jive Live Assistant is what supports our open source efforts on jivesoftware.org. So, no, there isn't any JEP 142 stuff on the .org site. Of course, you could certainly build something on top of Smack and Jive Messenger yourself.

> When you say Java servlet, are you talking about Smack API ? If so, do
> you think the web side can be more easily done using Smack?

We use Smack ourselves. I'm not sure what would be easier. Implenting the chat part of a web client is a lot of work.

> In the office there are a group of women who attend the telephones.
> I've already been told that there won't be a special workforce
> dedicated to the IM interface. These women are going to have to juggle
> their work between the incoming telephone and IM requests.
> At the moment they have a propriety client on the desktop that runs
> against the propriety software at the switchboard. It really is quite
> an elaborate setup with many options.

That's an interesting use-case. We use Asterisk in our office (open source PBX) and have been considering doing an integration with Live Assistant so that agents could have a single client to deal with phone calls and chats (unified presence, screen pops, CRM data, etc).

>> It might not be hard to do a simple implementation that does something like
>> round-robin routing, though I'm not sure how useful that would be in a
>> real-world deployment.

> How would the work around affect the server component in regards to
> routing to agents?

I just meant to say that you could probably implement a very simple routing algorithm without a lot of work, but that a more complete routing system takes time.


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