[Standards-JIG] Extended user info updates (VCard+)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 17 09:28:38 UTC 2005

But anyway, I believe the nickname update etc stuff would be better served 
by rather than just creating something specific for nicknames, create the 
pubsub functionality as an add on for whichever standard we use to replace 
vcards, so users can subscribe to updates of not just a users nickname but 
also of any of the vcard data e.g. home address etc, this means that 
contacts do not need to periodically probe a users "vcard+" data (which is a 
waste of bandwidth if it hasnt changed), but rather can just wait to be sent 
updates notifying them that something has changed, and if we appropriately 
optimise it only notify about the data that has actually been changed, 
rather than just sending a new copy of the vcard. We might also want to 
allow subscribers to specify in some way that they only wish to receive 
updates of a particular subset of that information. Now I know that it might 
not be a necessity to receive immediate updates of most of a users vcard 
info but its still a nice to have, and potensially useful to have completely 
uptodate info without having to specifically probe for it everytime as we 
currently do for vcards, this behaviour just seems rather sub optimal to me, 
certainly considering we have stuff like pubsub at our disposal.


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