[Standards-JIG] Extended user info updates (VCard+)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 17 11:25:10 UTC 2005

> First, the User Nickname proposal [1] is probably misnamed. It isn't about
> real nicknames, because, indeed, nicknames don't change very often. What
> does change, is the information put in the nickname's place (e.g. in MSN):

>   - What they're up to
>   - Some reaction to a recent event (personal, political, etc) or the 
> weather
>   - Some favourite quote.

> It would be very useful to use pubsub for this. ÎT don't have a good name
> for it, though.

Thats very true, I think you have "hit the nail on the head" on this one, I 
assume from this that you too do not think that the status element in 
presence is really the place for this stuff.

> Things like 'On the Phone', 'In the Shower' are covered by User Activity 
> [2],
> and stuff like 'I am pretty sad' by User Mood [3].

Cool, I hadnt looked at User Activity before, I had assumed from the title 
of the JEP in the past that it was to do with standardising the 
"jabber:iq:last" protocol so not looked into it, I will look at implementing 

> About a vcard replacement. If we use pubsub for this, we could use
> content-based subscriptions for only getting updates on the stuff you are
> interested in. You configure your subscription with a selection of the 
> list
> of data items in the vcard. Birthdays don't change all that often, but 
> other
> stuff might.

Yup exactly..

> In any case, I would welcome people to do prototype implementations of
> the mentioned protocols to get hands-on experience with them. Stuff to be
> figured out include:

>   - How do present all these different snippets of information to a user?

Well for mood I would suggest displaying some kind of emoticon, maybe as the 
contact list icon, for the "nickname" thingy I would suggest appending that 
to the users real "nickname", for user activity this could be displayed 
using the contact icon or an additional icon maybe.

>   - How can a user change his own extended presence information *easily*?

It would depend on the client, but I would guess that you could have this 
near however they change their status, or in their preferences.

>   - How do let the user discover (using disco publish) and subscribe 
> (pubsub)
>     to information of others?

The best option would probably be to have the client automatically try to 
get this information using preferences the user has set on an all contact or 
per group basis, IMO it would be too cumbersome to try and manage this on a 
per contact basis.


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