[Standards-JIG] Extended user info updates (VCard+)

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Mar 17 14:03:08 UTC 2005

On 17 Mar 2005, at 6:55 , Bart van Bragt wrote:

> Ralph Meijer wrote:
>>   - How do present all these different snippets of information to  
>> a user?
>>   - How can a user change his own extended presence information  
>> *easily*?
> These are my main issues with the current proposals. From a purely
> academic POV it's great to separate activity ('lunchbreak'), situation
> ('bought a new car'), mood ('happy') and whatnot. But where does the
> normal status message fit in? And besides that there is also the
> nickname and the usericon.

Exactly. I'd argue that most of the things regular people want to do  
are actually just <status> and that if former MSN users can't figure  
out how to use it like they used to use nickname changing, it's a  
user interface issue, not a protocol issue.

I do agree with Ralph that there may be some special cases that call  
for pub/sub, but I don't see general users using it.

> At my university there has been some research about IM and privacy
> issues. Also other research (and day to day experience) shows that
> people are way too lazy to keep all this information up to date.  
> Besides
> that I don't really see where the current status message fits in with
> the new JEP, useractivity, etc. And where do you want to show all this
> information? 4 lines of text and icons for one contact in your roster
> sounds like overkill to me ;)

Exactly. Status should be enough.

> One of the charms (IMO) of Jabber is the fact that it's a fairly  
> simple,
> transparant protocol. Adding 5 ways to convey status/presence
> information mainly amounts to lots of confusion. Besides that I don't
> think that many (if any?) clients have implemented the
> usermood/useractivity JEPs yet, so why would we add yet another way to
> make even more information available that (IMO) people are not  
> going to
> use in day to day life?

Yep, I agree.

> I guess the main problem for me is that I don't see the
> distinction/added value of all the extended presence and it's relation
> to the 'normal' status message.

Same here.

> People are already confused about the distinction between Free For  
> Chat
> vs Online and Away vs Extended Away. Adding even more options  
> (activity,
> mood, etc) is not going to help to make Jabber as a whole more usable.
> At least it isn't for Aunt Tilly ;) I know I don't want to press more
> than 2 buttons to change my 'status/presence', but maybe I'm just  
> lazy :D

Nope, all the research I've seen agrees with your statements and  
research. :)


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