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Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Mar 17 14:15:01 UTC 2005


I've been studying the research on Computer-Mediated Communication in  
HCI and Social Psychology for a couple of months now, and I have to  
say that I do *not* trust telcos to know what they're talking about.

AT&T and associates have been trying to push videophones for *three  
decades* (first commercial PicturePhone was available in Pittsburgh  
in 1970, most recent *huge* push was in 1992 with the Videophone  
2500) without much success. The CMC research showed that videophones  
have very little value over regular audio for completing work-like  
tasks (i.e., corporate environment), and sure enough, even the  
corporations which adopted videophones eventually dropped them in  
favor of regular phones. The CMC researchers had difficulty getting  
their own research team to consistently use such things after the  
novelty wore off. (Now, that's not to say that videochat in and of  
itself is worthless--I'm sure that implemented correctly it will  
catch on in the right markets--but the videophones telcos have been  
making for the corporate market have obviously not been on-target.)

It's going to take a lot more than telcos getting behind something to  
convince me that users actually /need/ it.

With all due respect, telcos are not always right. No one is.

That said, my greater point is that right now the interfaces for  
<status> may not be good enough if MSN users are complaining that  
they need this nickname-changing functionality.


On 17 Mar 2005, at 8:22 , Jean-Louis Seguineau wrote:

> Bart,
> As a subject of academic research, may I suggest you have a look at
> http://www.cs.columbia.edu/sip/draft/rpid/draft-ietf-simple- 
> rpid-05.html
> I would also suggest you take some time looking at
> http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/html-info/ that holds the  
> specifications that
> have been completed by the 3GPP for the third generation mobile  
> phone system
> that you are going to use pretty soon and that is SIP/SIMPLE based.  
> After
> this research, you'll probably get a better understanding of what  
> we are
> talking about.
> IMHO, although you may not "see the distinction/added value of all the
> extended presence and it's relation to the 'normal' status  
> message." these
> people have clearly seen the added value long ago. And they are not  
> using
> XMPP. This is unfortunately a fact.
> And you can trust their marketing people to make Aunt Tilly press  
> more than
> 2 buttons.
> With all due respect, the world out there is larger than you  
> believe...
> Jean-Louis
> P.S. BTW the 3GPP has an extended coverage of IM and privacy. You  
> may want
> to have a look :)
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> Ralph Meijer wrote:
>>   - How do present all these different snippets of information to  
>> a user?
>>   - How can a user change his own extended presence information  
>> *easily*?
> These are my main issues with the current proposals. From a purely
> academic POV it's great to separate activity ('lunchbreak'), situation
> ('bought a new car'), mood ('happy') and whatnot. But where does the
> normal status message fit in? And besides that there is also the
> nickname and the usericon.
> At my university there has been some research about IM and privacy
> issues. Also other research (and day to day experience) shows that
> people are way too lazy to keep all this information up to date.  
> Besides
> that I don't really see where the current status message fits in with
> the new JEP, useractivity, etc. And where do you want to show all this
> information? 4 lines of text and icons for one contact in your roster
> sounds like overkill to me ;)
> One of the charms (IMO) of Jabber is the fact that it's a fairly  
> simple,
> transparant protocol. Adding 5 ways to convey status/presence
> information mainly amounts to lots of confusion. Besides that I don't
> think that many (if any?) clients have implemented the
> usermood/useractivity JEPs yet, so why would we add yet another way to
> make even more information available that (IMO) people are not  
> going to
> use in day to day life?
> I guess the main problem for me is that I don't see the
> distinction/added value of all the extended presence and it's relation
> to the 'normal' status message.
> People are already confused about the distinction between Free For  
> Chat
> vs Online and Away vs Extended Away. Adding even more options  
> (activity,
> mood, etc) is not going to help to make Jabber as a whole more usable.
> At least it isn't for Aunt Tilly ;) I know I don't want to press more
> than 2 buttons to change my 'status/presence', but maybe I'm just  
> lazy :D
> Bart
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