[Standards-JIG] Extended user info updates

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 17 15:25:10 UTC 2005

Sorry just reread my previous email, I meant to put "out for a meeting, be 
back at 5" into the section about jabber not MSN ;)

Also another point that I missed out is that some people do genuinely change 
their display name on MSN to something that is an actual "nickname" rather 
than "abusing" it to hold status info, these people might not change it very 
frequently but when they do they want this to change to show up in the 
contacts clients as and when, but on jabber it doesnt (if they changed their 
vcard entry), this is where either the proposed nickname spec, or as ive 
mentioned my preferred option of an all encompasing vcard+ pubsub update 
spec that Ralph elaborated on comes in.

To prove my point some examples from my current contact list of non-normal 
MSN display names that do not fit the bill of being "abuses" of the display 
name, they also get changed every now and again (between once a month and 
once every few days, depending on which user it is):

"Loch Ness Monster"

Now these are hardly abusing the nickname with "status" information, i know 
some obviously dont like people being able to change their nicknames, but 
plently of people want and use this functionality without necessarily 
"abusing" it with status information, why cant we just let people do this??

As Jean-Louis has already said im amazed at the opposition to this, 
something which will be entirely voluntary and something that some people 
will definately use, come on folks.


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