[Standards-JIG] Extended user info updates

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 17 15:37:28 UTC 2005

> Ok, now /this/ is a protocol issue.
> I wouldn't call "has new car" by the term "nickname" under any 
> circumstance except those in which I'm designing an interface for ex- MSN 
> users.
> Now I can understand why you would want this permanent status  information 
> in addition to presence-based status information, and it  certainly does 
> seem along the lines of User Mood and other things  Ralph is interested 
> in. Please don't call it "nickname" and don't  confuse it with separate 
> interface issues which MSN users are having.

Cool at least we have this aspect settled, as Ralph pointed out this 
"extended status" type information definately does not fit the bill of being 
appropriate to nickname in jabber.

But if you read my last email on this subject you will also see that there 
is also an argument for allowing people to change their "nickname" as well 
as the standard presence and this "extended presence" info (whatever we call 
it), were the "nickname" wont change nearly as often as the "extended 
presence" type info that MSN users are forced to put in their "nickname", 
there are instances where it would be nice for nickname changes to show up 
as and when where the user is not abusing the "nickname" by putting 
"extended presence" type info into it, now this isnt as important as the 
"extended presence" issue its still a nice to have thing from a users 
perspective and would fit perfectly into a new vcard data spec that allowed 
other users to subscribe to updates of other peoples vcard data.


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