[Standards-JIG] RE: Standards-JIG Digest, Vol 14, Issue 4

Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Thu Mar 17 15:51:13 UTC 2005


Maybe you should read the post to the end, and answer the very simple
question "how do I transport a dynamic display name information provided by
say, a SIP/SIMPLE GW to an XMPP client". 
This is what I have been trying to get from this thread since the beginning.

Now, come on, if no one on the list can give me and answer which is not a
hack, I'll start doubting... This list is about protocol, isn't it?


-----Original Message-----
> Well, I just think if you're going to argue for this persistent  
> extended status information (as opposed to presence-dependent status  
> information), don't do it as a "display name" or "nickname"--make a  
> protocol for what it really is: persistent extended status  
> information. And maybe tie it into or acknowledge that it's similar  
> to User Mood and other extended status information. Also make it  
> clear how this is different from <status> and when clients should use  
> each.

> Julian

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