[Standards-JIG] jep-0142 and a city council workgroup

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Mar 17 16:54:39 UTC 2005

On Thu, Mar 17, 2005 at 12:27:54PM +0100, Chris Fanning wrote:

> > Are you looking to create an Open Source project or to just use the functionality inside your own organization?
> I live in Europe, Spain. The government (councils are run by
> governments here) has pledged to promote free software within the
> public administration and the public at large. My local council is
> looking for ways to begin to use free software to form part of their
> management.
> Historically, they have taken their websites seriously but are hooked
> up on propriety solutions. After talking to some people in the
> council, we thought that a way to begin working on the requirement
> would be something along the lines of using free software on the
> websites to ease the citizen - administration interface.
> Sure, that leaves a pretty wide scope of options open but the people
> that look after the switchboard and public attention services like the
> idea of IM (JEP 142). So that's a starting point.
> > Going with a commercial product is definitely cheaper than building something yourself, IMHO. :)
> Yes, I agree. There are also some factors that hinder good software
> development in the public administration. I don't think leading an
> open source project from within the council is a good idea.
> A commercial relationship is also easier considering the internal
> organizational aspects of the council. Put simply, they are quite used
> to paying companies for software. But, for the reasons above, this
> project must belong to the GNU community.

Well, one approach is that you could use an open-source Jabber server 
plus Jive's closed-source (but open-protocol) Live Assistant product 
to get started, then work with the developer community to produce an 
open-source component that conforms to JEP-0142 later on. At least
that way you would be on the road to a fully open-source solution.


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