[Standards-JIG] jep-0142 and a city council workgroup

Chris Fanning christopher.fanning at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 08:35:00 UTC 2005

Hi Peter,

Pleased to meet you.

> > A commercial relationship is also easier considering the internal
> > organizational aspects of the council. Put simply, they are quite used
> > to paying companies for software. But, for the reasons above, this
> > project must belong to the GNU community.
> Well, one approach is that you could use an open-source Jabber server
> plus Jive's closed-source (but open-protocol) Live Assistant product
> to get started, then work with the developer community to produce an
> open-source component that conforms to JEP-0142 later on. At least
> that way you would be on the road to a fully open-source solution.

Yes, that is an option but not preferrable. Remember that the council
hasn't given the go ahead with this idea yet, so there's still a big
I can't easily argue in favor of free software if the solution I
propose to them uses closed-source. They would tell me to forget it
and go out and buy one of the propriety solutions that the Super
Markets use on their websites.


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