[Standards-JIG] User display extended presence

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Sat Mar 19 05:22:58 UTC 2005

On Saturday 19 March 2005 10:40, Robert Mibus wrote:
> You haven't been on MSN lately ;-)
> Many many MSN addicts change their "display name" - what is shown in
> other user's buddy lists - very frequently, ranging from once every hour
> or two, up to once a week. IMHO it'd be wasteful to use vCards - large
> overhead, you need to poll, etc.

I was always under the impression that MSN users did this as a workaround for 
having no other way to set status messages.  Most of them aren't really even 
changing their nickname, what I've witnessed from my own contacts is that 
they'll set them to a variety of things like "Bob", "Bob (Away)", "Bob - off 
killing a cat for dinner", and things like that.


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