[Standards-JIG] Re: User display extended presence

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Sat Mar 19 11:20:55 UTC 2005

>> I was always under the impression that MSN users did this as a workaround 
>> for
>> having no other way to set status messages.
> Exactly.
> Sometimes, they want to change the nickname to reflect the current state 
> they are in.
> For example, would i be visiting italy, i could use 'spikerini' instead of 
> 'spike'. But when i want to do that, i use a status message too; as it is 
> some kind of temporary 'status' i have. A real 'nickname' doesn't change 
> (you don't even decide that yourself, but hey, let's not get technical), 
> but you can make variations depending on your status, so i personally 
> don't see a need for 'easy changing of nicknames' if status changes is all 
> you do.

But the point is that status changes isnt all they are used for, yes on MSN 
they are "abused" in that way by some, but that is not 100% the case, some 
as ive shown in a previous email do legitimately change their real nickname, 
yes this isnt as often as every 5 or 10 minutes but it can certainly change 
a couple of times a week for some people, and it would be very useful for 
these changes to be reflected as and when rather than waiting for their 
vcard to be periodically probed, also as has been show by myself and Ralph 
it could also be useful to receive instant updates of changes to other vcard 


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