[Standards-JIG] Re: Council decision on "Stanza Acking" proposal

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Sat Mar 26 03:10:03 UTC 2005

On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 12:16, Justin Karneges wrote:
> On Friday 25 March 2005 05:02 pm, David Waite wrote:
> > But you aren't solving message drops at all with stream-level ACKs,
> > and you aren't providing a mechanism for me to be assured that my
> > messages made it through. In short, you've not solved the problem you
> > set out to solve.
> Consider SMTP.  It has stream-level acks and optional end-to-end delivery
> notifications.  Does anyone use those delivery notifications? :)

Practically everyone in a work environment.  But I make sure to turn them off 
on my own client to try and discourage people from trying. :-/


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