[Standards-JIG] Re: Council decision on "Stanza Acking" proposal

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Mon Mar 28 09:42:20 UTC 2005

Hi Justin!

Justin Karneges schrieb am 2005-03-25 16:34:21:
>   http://delta.affinix.com/specs/xmppstream.html

I had a look at it. But I don't understand how it is intended to be

What I am missing are time limites ... maybe not fixed ones but it could
be negotiated ... if the client is allowed to defer acking a stanza for
as long as it wants ... does the server have to cache all stanzas sent
to the client while the client decides not to answer? I think the server
has to be able to limit the time a client is allowed to not acking a
stanza and if it does not get back an ACK within this interval, it
should be allowed to consider the connection broken and drop the

Same for the ping ... it is said that the client must send the pong
immediatelly. How many seconds is immediatelly? After which amout of
time should the server consider the connection to be broken?

Sure this should not be a fixed amount of time as different deployments
might need different times, but I think there should be advices for
normal cases and the server should be able to specify limits at least
for the first case.

Tot kijk

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