[Standards-JIG] Re: jep-0055

Graham, Ryan - WMD ryan.graham at ci.denver.co.us
Wed Mar 30 22:03:51 UTC 2005


I've developed a plugin for Jive's Messenger to support jep-0055.
Currently, the plugin only supports searches that use dataforms since it
seems to be what most clients use for searching. However, after hearing
from a number of Miranda users who would like to use Messenger with my
search plugin I've decided to add support for the old Jabber search

The problem I'm having is that the spec seems to be a little unclear
about whether or not a client using the old search protocol is required
to discover what search fields are supported by the service. The search
use case in section 2.1 would seem to indicate that a discovery should
be made. But, according to a Miranda developer all field are
standardized, so they never make a query to discover what fields are
available and instead have a set of predefined fields (jid, lastname,
firstname, email).

I'm not looking to point fingers, rather I just want to make sure that I
have a clear understanding of the spec so if I need to make changes or
ask the Miranda people to make changes I'll know exactly what needs to
be done. So, any clarification anyone could provide me with I'd greatly
appreciate it.


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