[Standards-JIG] LAST CALL: JEP-0106 (JID Escaping)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Sun May 1 14:07:33 UTC 2005

> Existing code (MSN gateways) would break w/out adding the complexity
> of using disco to check for this feature. FWIW, I did a quick scan of
> the roster database on jabber.org and there are 50+ roster items would
> break if we used '%' encoding instead of the simpler '#' mechanism. So
> this is definitely a real world issue.

Exactly if we use disco as I suggested nothing will break, im glad you see 

Also doesnt the IRC transport use # in it?? I seem to remember seeing that 
in the past, in that case using # would break it too, so we have the option 
of ether "breaking" the MSN transport or "breaking" the IRC transport, this 
is just getting silly, why cant we just use disco so we can go with the 
correct solution of using %?? It solves all the problems from the clients 
perspective and stops anything at all from breaking.


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