[Standards-JIG] JEP 60: Requesting Items for a Node

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Sun May 1 22:32:47 UTC 2005

Section 8.1.10 defines the process by which an entity can request the
persistant items for a given node ID. 

A few things here confuse me - hopefully someone will be kind enough to

> "When an entity requests items, the pubsub service SHOULD verify that
the > requesting entity has a subscription to the pubsub node."

Does this means that Owners and Publishers can't request the items for a
node unless they also are subscribers? 

> If a subscription identifier is associated with a specific
> the entity MUST append the 'subid' attribute to the items element when

> making the request (if it does not, the service SHOULD return a <not-
> acceptable/> error).

This sentence doesn't make sense to me. By definition, a subscription
identifier is associated with a specific subscription! When is this not

The whole 'subid' as an optional tag is confusing throughout the pubsub
JEP. When a subscription happens, if it's not in the "multiple" case,
there's no requirement for the 'subid'. This means that subid can't be a
purely required field, as it's not always present. This is additional
confusion and special casing for both clients and servers - and because
it's special casing, it's going to have major compatiability issues
between client implementations. 

Why not just make it required in all cases? 

Chris Mullins

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