[Standards-JIG] reviving JEP-0038: Iconstyles

Jeti jeti at jabber.org
Mon May 2 18:03:36 UTC 2005

Ian Paterson wrote:
> Hi Hal,
> Well done for reviving JEP-0038. I'd like to see a lot more smilies in
> the recommended Core Icons. Equally, I'm not sure if some of the
> "genicons" (like ":cake") enhance communication sufficiently to be part
> of the recommended list.
> Perhaps there should be two lists of icons. One Informational and the
> other Required?

Yes I also want to have a basic list and have an extended list which 
list a lot of icons, so there is a standard way to describe an icon, to 
avoid problems like one set describing cake as :cake: another as :cake 
or (^).
It might be a good idea to have several sublists,so clients can disco 
for supported sets in other clients to make sure send emoticons can be 
rendered at the other side.

I like so see categories in JEP-38 so big sets can be displayed in 
smaller subsets, for example there are too many gadu-gadu emoticons to
display in a way they can be easily found.


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