[Standards-JIG] reviving JEP-0038: Iconstyles

Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
Mon May 2 19:28:48 UTC 2005

> > Perhaps there should be two lists of icons. One Informational and the
> > other Required?
> I don't see any advantage in making certain emoticons "required" at all.  The
> way I see it, it can only degrade functionality.

We'll put a SHOULD in the JEP...
> For instance, I might want to make an iconset with a single icon in it
> for some
> special purpose.  If ":-)" is "required" in the JEP, then I have to put it in
> there to conform.  But good clients can enable multiple iconsets, so there is
> no particular reason a single iconset would need to have every single icon
> you'll ever encounter.

I'm curious to know how other clients handle this.  With Psi you can
enable an arbitrary number of iconsets, and the first one in the list
that contains a matching regexp "wins".  You are able to raise and
lower iconsets in the list.  Where you have multiple iconsets that
have defined a certain string (which is very common), those further
down in the list will never be seen in the chat window.

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