[Standards-JIG] LAST CALL: JEP-0106 (JID Escaping)

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at bnet.pl
Thu May 5 07:33:27 UTC 2005

On Thu, May 05, 2005 at 05:25:15PM +1000, Trejkaz wrote:
> Quoting Jacek Konieczny <jajcus at bnet.pl>:
> >IRC channel names may start with something else than '#' and using
> >full channel names (with '#') allows us to use the same JID namespace
> >for IRC nicknames -- that is how JJIGW works.
> >("#pld at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl" is a channel in the IRCNet, and
> >"jajcus at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl" is a user logged into that network with
> >"jajcus" nickname).
> Yeah, I was actually wondering a while back whether an IRC transport would 
> use
> usernames in the node portion of the JID.  Because obviously MUC does not, 
> and
> I was thinking that an IRC transport would have to follow MUC conventions to
> some degree.
> (That is, jajcus at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl -> room at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl/jajcus)

In MUC nicknames are room-local. In IRC they are network-global.
"room at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl/jajcus" is "jajcus" in room "room" and only
there. "jajcus at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl" is "jajcus" on IRCNet, even if he
is not in any channel. When in channel IRC users are addressed like in
MUC: "room at ircnet.jabber.bnet.pl/jajcus", but when a "private" message
is received from an IRC user it is not bound to any room, so a regular
JID is used (with IRC username in JID node). Resources of such JIDs are
used for username/ident+hostname of IRC user.


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