[Standards-JIG] Re: VoIP revisited

Jacob Bunk Nielsen jbnliste at bunk.cc
Fri May 6 12:44:31 UTC 2005

Cesar Martinez Izquierdo <listas at ono.com> writes:

> I don't think we should think this as a battle of Jabber against SIP. SIP is 
> out there working for VoIP phones. And Jabber is working out there for IM.
> SIP has become a kind of de-facto standard for VoIP-PSTN gateways, and I think 
> making the Jabber videoconference compatible with SIP is a good point to 
> Jabber. Ignoring SIP would make us more weak, less succesful, not more 
> strong.

SIP is compatible with video conferencing. It's just a matter of what
sort of session you describe with SDP. This means that one would have
to make an effort to not support video conferencing.

> If I can phone (using SIP) normal phones using my Jabber client that will be 
> great. If I need a TINS/whatever-SIP gateway, and my Jabber server is not 
> offering such thing, and my SIP provider is not offering this either, then I 
> will need a separate SIP client, which is not making Jabber stronger at 
> all...

I agree. Sebastien Yerly and I are working on a proof-of-concept for
this using a TINS-to-SIP gateway. Don't expect anything production
stable, but hopefully a proof that it can be done.


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