[Standards-JIG] JEP-0084: Missing subscription to avatar data node

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Mon May 9 16:56:38 UTC 2005


[This is re-re-submission, because I think there is a real problem and 
I got no response to my re-submission. I admit that I start to feel a 
bit stupid. Am I so helplessly wrong that the list ignores me?]

In JEP-0084 I see a SUBSCRIBE to the avatar metadata, then the GET. 
Once the client got the metadata, it fetches the avatar data. But 
there is no SUBSCRIBE to the avatar data node prior to the avatar 
data node item GET. 

Idavoll does not let me fetch an item without subscription, because 
access rights are checked at subscription time. No subscription -> no 
access rights. 

There should be a SUBSCRIBE to node='avatar/data/juliet at capulet.com'
before "Example 22. Data retrieval result". Like there is "Example 17. 
Consumer subscribes to metadata node" before "Example 19. Retrieving 
the avatar metadata" ?

But we don't really want to subscribe to metadata AND data nodes? We
just want to fetch the data after learning it's node ID from the 

This is a small indication, that there should be subscription-less 
GETs in pubsub in general. 

I know this goes to far for some people, but I would in JEP-0060:
- allow for subscription-less GET and 
- rename "pubsub#subscription_model" to "pubsub#access_model"
- apply "whitelist", "authorize" and "blacklist" to GET as well.

This solves the problem in JEP-0084 and other problems as well. 

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