[Standards-JIG] Questions about jep-0142

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Wed May 11 19:00:01 UTC 2005


Sorry for the late reply to your questions.

> Section 5.1 of the jep states that 'a customer support agent 
> may join the support at workgroup.company.com workgroup when 
> they begin workgin at company.com and will only depart when 
> they leave that position.' But unless I missed it the jep 
> doesn't explain *how* one joins or leaves a workgroup.

Yes, that is currently left undefined in the JEP -- adding and removing
agents to a workgroup is up to each implementation. It could be added to
the JEP, but we wanted to keep the JEP reasonably simple to start. It's
already quite large. :)

Provisioning agents seems to be something better left to each
implementation in general, but we're open to other opinions.

> In a similar vein the jep doesn't give any methods for 
> configuring or controlling a workgroup (for example to change 
> the maximum number of people allowed in the queue, or any 
> other heuristic values to be used).
> Did I miss something? Is that sort of thing not in scope for this jep?

Also something up to each implementation. Our thinking was that if this
initial JEP is successful and adopted by multiple vendors, additional
JEPs could be established to handle administrative features like
provisioning and control of workgroups. It could be built on top of
ad-hoc commands, for example.

On the other hand, the JEP is in an early state. If people thing this is
valuable stuff to have in the core JEP, it could certainly be added.


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