[Standards-JIG] poker transport for jabber server

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Sun May 29 22:26:31 UTC 2005


>If you know any desktop IM client for jabber 
>that could provide multiuser games.. that would 
>be a good starting point

If you need a starting point for development, then Miranda
(http://www.miranda-im.org) is a good one. It is multi-protcol
(including Jabber), has hundreds of plugins, some of them games. There
is sample code for a game plugin. 

I like Miranda for development, because it compiles easily. It is Win32
only. Just throw the project file into the developer studio, build and
run. Inludes all protocols ICQ, IRC, Yahoo, Jabber, MSN as source and
also many plugins. I needed only 2 days to create a protocol plugin that
talks via IMs to other instances of the plugin at my buddies. Probably
similar to what you need.

Don't knowm if that fits to your cell phone requirement. Could work, if
it's WinCE. 

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