[Standards-JIG] Miranda Virtual Presence plugin

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Sun May 29 23:13:53 UTC 2005


For the record:
I implemented a plugin for the Miranda IM client, which adds virtual presence features to Miranda. This plugin adds virtual presence features to Miranda. Buddy list contacts can exchange their current web URLs and meet on Web pages. Of course this is only useful, if they have a virtual presence client and can actually meet each other on Web pages. 

The reason why I am telling it on this list is, that all the virtual presence stuff is done over Jabber using:

The normal operation is like:
- 2 users are running a virtual presence client (LLuna in this case) and the VP plugin in Miranda
- user A requests URLs from user B to learn where the contact is browsing the Web
- user B gets a dialog box to select URLs and sends one or more URLs
- user A receives a chat message with URLs and clicks on a URL
- a browser window opens and both see each other on the page


The plugin is available here:

LLuna is available here:

The reason for using Miranda is that developing plugins for Miranda is really nice and quick (as explained in the previous posting).

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