[Standards-JIG] JEP 60: Resource Based Subscription problem

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Tue May 31 21:11:21 UTC 2005

On Tue, May 31, 2005 at 02:02:34PM -0700, Chris Mullins wrote:
> Ralph Meijer Wrote:
> > > Chris Mullins wrote:
> > > > If user1 has a resource based subscription to a node, but is logged
> > > > in with a different resource, what is the behavior?
> >The pubsub JEP was defined on top of XMPP Core, not on top of 
> > XMPP IM. That means that it doesn't know/care about 
> > resource/priority based routing and offline message storage. 
> > Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
> It's not as if I don't understand this. The problem is that saying this is a technical cop-out. Users won't care why a notification went to a wrong resource, then only "know" that the implementation is broken. 
> >From a technical perspective, how can PubSub really even claim this? What server out there can a PubSub component use that doesn't automatically process messages in accordance with the XMPP IM rules? So, in order to deliver message the PubSub component needs to (in essence) have a it's own message processer, rather than relying on the existing ones - to do otherwise will cause things to fail (and notifying the wrong resource is, any way you cut it, a failure) for resource based subscriptions. 
> Ah well. It's obvious I'm the only one who cares about this particular issue at all, so I'll let the matter drop...

Come, on. This is not true. Did you read the rest of my mail. I proposed
we solve this by integrating JEP-0079 (AMP). That accomodates your
problem nicely.



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