[Standards-JIG] Re: JEP-50 AdHocCommands - Couple of doubts

Gaston Dombiak gaston at jivesoftware.com
Sat Nov 5 23:52:16 UTC 2005

Pushing this thread up. :) Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks. -- Gato

"Gaston Dombiak" <gaston at jivesoftware.com> wrote in message 
news:djm5cl$n0f$1 at sea.gmane.org...
> Hey all,
> After reading JEP 50 I have a couple of questions that I think that JEP is
> not describing.
> 1. Which features should be included in disco#info result when disco was
> sent to node 'http://jabber.org/protocol/commands'?
> 2. Should feature 'jabber:x:data' be always included even for commands 
> that
> don't require data form usage (i.e. do not have multiple stages)?
> 3. I think that disco#items should not include items (i.e. commands) that
> the requested will not be able to invoke. Is this the expected behavior?
> 4. When a command is not available for a requester the disco#info should
> return a 403 "Forbidden" error. If we are not including the command in the
> disco#items result then shouldn't we return a 404 "Item not found" instead
> of a Forbidden? Forbidden is giving the hint that the command does exist.
> 5. Is it mandatory (i.e MUST) to include the specific error condition next
> to the general error condition?
> 6. <actions> element has a "type" attribute as required in the XML schema
> but the examples use an attribute named "execute". Which one is the 
> correct?
> Regards,
>  -- Gato

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