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I would like to add a section which describes the membership in
communities. The characteristics of memberships is that there is an
external registry where user details are stored. users are identified by
IDs. Other people, sometimes only users of the community, can get more
information about the user. There are very different examples, like: 
- a singles community 
- a social network
- an online game
- a gravatar
- a chat community
- file sharing services (flickr)

The point is that we do not specify these details of the community in
the JEP. Details are application (community) dependent. The profile
would contain multiple memberships. Each membership woudl have a few
general fields, like
- community name
- maybe a community URL, because most communities have a web page
- community symbol (icon) URL for display in the user interface / new
- user ID in the community
- maybe a community category to be able to show in user interfaces only
the memberships in singles communities, but not your gameer ID

The community name would need a registry. 

The user ID in the community could be as simple as a number like my
Allakhazam profile number or my user name at Access to the
community dependent user detail is then done via whatever protocol is
appropriate. Obviously, this is out of band for Jabber. A client must
support the "community-protocol" whatever this is. 

I don't know yet, if the community ID must be structured. A game might
need realm name and character name. But maybe we keep this a simple text
field and combine multiple sub-fiels into a URL. 

We could even cover instant messanger memberships with having to
hardwire that there are only AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber. By the way:
GoogleTalk is not in the list. A good example that we need some kind of
extensibility without changing the JEP any time a new community becomes
important. Replacing the IM addresses in JEP-0154 (Electronic Address
Data Aspects) is not my goal, though. I need the generalized

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>Betreff: [Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0154 (Profile Data 
>Version 0.3 of JEP-0154 (Profile Data Representation) has been 
>Abstract: This JEP specifies how to represent data about IM 
>users and other XMPP entities in terms of the Data Forms protocol.
>Changelog: Added postaladdress, fav_chatrooms, alt_contact, 
>teams; added various security-related fields. (psa)

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