AW: [Standards-JIG] UPDATED: JEP-0154 (Profile DataRepresentation)

Heiner Wolf wolf at
Fri Nov 18 12:28:08 UTC 2005

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Yes, I agree that community membership / association is good. That might 
> include both online communities as well as IRL clubs, charities 
> supported, and so on. I'll add that to the next version of the JEP.
> Thanks for the input.
> Peter

A simple way would be to regard the var-attribute as community name. 
This would fit to the IM IDs in "Electronic Address Data Aspects", e.g. 
5.5.1 AIM Screen Name has a var='aim_id', where 'aim_id' is the name of 
the external registry (the AOL IM user directory) and 'psaintandre' is 
the ID in this registry. And the client knows how to use 'psaintandre': 
it will implement ans use the AIM protocol.

1. A singles community would be var='' with a user name as 

2. My gravatar might be:
   <field var='x-gravatar'>
which means, that clients would retrieve:

3. We are currently developing a 3D Avatar for LLuna based on WoW 
profile data which is stored on an online game community web site. This 
would be:
   <field var='x-allakhazam-wow'>
which tells clients to fetch my profile from:
or if they want HTML:

I thought it would be cool to have more than just the community name as 
a var-attribute and the community ID as value. I thought there could be 
additonal parameters per community to support a client which displays 
the membership, e.g. a community URL, a community icon, community category.
I have no idea how to add this information to the jabber-form based 
structure. There is only a key value pair per field.

We could give the var-attribute a structure. This is not nice. But it 
could be like this to at least tell that it is an exernal registry and 
the type:
   <field var='registry_games_allakhazamwow'>

or instead of

All this is not too nice, maybe we better stick to a simple
   <field var='x-allakhazam-wow'>
and the client will have to know how to get a community icon and what 
kind of registry this is. It must implement the access to the 
information using the community protocol anyhow.

By the way: is the full jep-0004 allowed here? including label-attribute 
and <desc/>-subtag? The label-attribute is good enough for a readable 
community name.

The question is, if there should be more 'support' from the JEP to 
decide if the var-attribute is a community / external registry rather 
than some simple value like 'given_name'. After all there will be a 
large switch-statement in the client code, which does things with the 
<value/> dependent of the var-attribute.

Conclusion: JEP-0154 already has all we need for external registries. I 
could already use my own <field var='x-allakhazam-wow'>.


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