[Standards-JIG] Many to many e2e encryption (JEP-116)

Pierre THIERRY nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
Fri Nov 25 11:04:56 UTC 2005

As I recently read the JEP-116, I was asking myself if the scenario used
in encrypted mailing list, at least with Sympa IIRC, has been
considered, i.e. that there would be an ESession established between
each individual Jabber end user and a central Jabber entity (like a MUC

I don't see any other scenario that would scale up correctly with the
number of recipients growing (sending a specificly encrypted message for
each final recipients to the global one would just bloat the message of
there is many recipients, but maybe this is not a real problem if
confidentiality really matters).

Nowhere man
PS: BTW, would it be possible to obtain the list's archives in mbox
format, as it was a bit uncomfortable to read the plain text version ?
nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
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