[Standards-JIG] Many to many e2e encryption (JEP-116)

Pierre THIERRY nowhere.man at levallois.eu.org
Fri Nov 25 18:42:34 UTC 2005

Scribit Ralph Meijer dies 25/11/2005 hora 13:23:
> Sure, this is possible, but it requires cooperation of the MUC
> service.

Yes, of course. There are possible scenarios, I think, without this
cooperation, but I suspect they would be sources of headaches more than

> Also note that since you are depending on the MUC service to reencrypt
> messages, your communication is not end-to-end secured any more. This
> requires trust in the MUC service.

Yes. I ask about this scenario because it is already in use in the mail
world. But the problem is a bit different there, because the mail
user-agent doesn't know the suscriber list, and sometimes can't (or
can't have a exhaustive one).

IIUC, with MUC, the Jabber end user always know who is in the room, so
this could be avoided.

This is the lesser secure scenario, but the easier one and the only able
to scale to any number of participants in the room, also. This is the
main reason I think it should exist.

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