[Standards-JIG] advertisement and query suggestions for JEP-0128

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Sep 8 20:16:32 UTC 2005

Hi Ralph,

> JEP-0128 tries to maintain a distinction between #info and 
> #items, but we don't think this is optimal.

I agree that this is often very sub-optimal.

However, you almost certainly won't be able to persuade people to allow
extended disco#items results. I tried fighting that battle (and lost)
before JEP-0128 was created.

If you can explain your specific requirement, then that understanding
may help motivate people to explore some alternative ways of making an
optimal solution available in these cases.

(FYI, my specific requirement was to know how many people are in 100
different rooms without having to disco#info all of them individually.)

- Ian

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