[Standards-JIG] typo in JEP 79

Jacques Belissent jacques.belissent at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 20 21:10:56 UTC 2005

3.4.4 alert

The "alert" action triggers a reply <message/> stanza to the sending 
entity. This <message/> stanza MUST contain the element <amp 
type='alert'/>, which itself contains the <rule/> that triggered this 
action. In all other respects, this action behaves as "drop".

Example 9. "error" response    <<== SHOULD BE "ALERT MESSAGE"

   <message from='hamlet.lit'
            to='bernardo at hamlet.lit/elsinore'
     <body>Who's there?</body>
     <amp xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/amp'
          from='francisco at hamlet.lit'
          to='bernardo at hamlet.lit/elsinore'>
       <rule condition='deliver' value='stored' action='alert'/>


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