[Standards-JIG] typo in JEP 79

Jacques Belissent jacques.belissent at sun.com
Thu Sep 22 20:55:20 UTC 2005

good point.  Just ran into what either another error or utmost confusion 
on my part.

The JEP says:

3.3.3 match-resource

The "match-resource" condition is used to restrict delivery based on the 
resource identifier of the recipient JID.


The condition is met if the resource for the actual destination JID 
matches the specified destination JID using the above rules. For 
instance, if a message is intended for "romeo at montague.net/work" with 
the "match-resource" condition of "other", the condition is met if the 
message can be immediately delivered only to "romeo at montague.net/home".

and then in the examples section

5.1 Reliable Data Transport

The <message/> stanza is nearly ideal for data transport, but to ensure 
reliability it is often desirable that such messages not be delivered to 
any resource but that specified. To facilitate this, the sending entity 
includes a <rule action='drop' condition='match-resource' 
value='exact'/> (if failure notification is unnecessary) or <rule 
action='error' condition='match-resource' value='exact'/> (if failure 
notification is required). The following example illustrates this using 
In-Band Bytestreams [9]:


Now my question:
If i understand section 3.3.3, the condition match-resource=exact will 
match if the indended receiving resource is available, causing the 
message to be drop/failed.  Is this what we want?  Or do we want the 
delivery to fail if the message can *not* be delivered to the intended 
destination.  In the latter case shouldn't the rule be
  <rule action='drop' condition='match-resource' value='other'/>

Thanks for clarifying.

Ian Paterson wrote:
> Hi there are another 2 typos in this JEP.
> 1. In section "3.4.4 alert". In the first paragraph below:
> <amp type='alert'/> should be <amp status='alert'/>
> 2. Section "3.4.3 notify" contains a similar error to the one described
> below.
> - Ian
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>>3.4.4 alert
>>The "alert" action triggers a reply <message/> stanza to the sending 
>>entity. This <message/> stanza MUST contain the element <amp 
>>type='alert'/>, which itself contains the <rule/> that triggered this 
>>action. In all other respects, this action behaves as "drop".
>>Example 9. "error" response    <<== SHOULD BE "ALERT MESSAGE"
>>   <message from='hamlet.lit'
>>            to='bernardo at hamlet.lit/elsinore'
>>            id='chatty2'>
>>     <body>Who's there?</body>
>>     <amp xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/amp'
>>          status='alert'
>>          from='francisco at hamlet.lit'
>>          to='bernardo at hamlet.lit/elsinore'>
>>       <rule condition='deliver' value='stored' action='alert'/>
>>     </amp>
>>   </message>

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