[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Flagging the Primary Resource

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Mon Sep 26 23:58:34 UTC 2005

> Title: Flagging the Primary Resource
> Abstract: This document defines a simple XMPP presence extension for
> flagging which resource is currently the primary resource.

This looks promising. I'd like to see the "most available resource" more
succinctly defined. I think this is most useful. We actually use our own
"most available resource" logic for message stanza delivery and group
broadcasts. People have asked how to determine that at the client level.
This Primary Resource seems like a good way to do it.

"Most available" for us is determined by the following. If there is a
collision at any step it continues on to the next step:
1) Highest Presence Priority.
2) Last Presence Stanza Status (Available, Away, DnD, then XA).
3) Last XMPP Stanza Received Timestamp.

-JD Conley

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