[Standards-JIG] new disco#publish-info feature

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Tue Sep 27 15:09:10 UTC 2005

Ralph wrote:
> However, some of the fields in the disco extension might
> be automatically generated.
> For publish-subscribe, you can do a disco#info query on 
> a node and get the node's meta data, which may include 
> fields that are set using node configuration.
> How would you solve this generically?

It would be nice to keep this protocol as simple as possible (for more
complex cases we have JEP-0060). So are the automatically generated
fields really necessary?

> (e.g. whether the node persists items)

I was assuming that nodes would always persist items (until they are
explicitly deleted by the owner).

> and other fields (e.g. the creation date of the node)

The owner can publish any information 'manually' including a creation

- Ian

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