[Standards-JIG] new disco#publish-info feature

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Tue Sep 27 17:20:02 UTC 2005

> > > (e.g. whether the node persists items)
> > 
> > I was assuming that nodes would always persist items (until 
> > they are explicitly deleted by the owner).
> No, for pubsub, this is a configuration option. See section 5 
> of JEP-0060. Also, items have no owners. They may have their 
> publisher registered and it depends on the implementation 
> which entities may delete items. See the pubsub#delete-any
> feature.

My intention was definitely not to duplicate, replace or integrate with
PubSub functionality. But if you have a different vision, and people
agree, then go ahead. :-)

Below is an outline of the *simple* vision. It is very much like a
public version of jabber:iq:private, that uses disco#info node names as
identifiers instead of namespaces. (N.B. disco#info JIDs are equivalent
to PubSub nodes, nodes = Pubsub items, node names = Pubsub item IDs)

1. Each JID (user) is the *sole* owner/publisher of all its own
disco#info nodes on its own 'home' server.
2. Published info is always persistent.
3. Nodes are deleted only by the owner/publisher, simply by changing
their content to nothing.
4. No configuration.
5. Info is always pulled, no notifications, no PubSub subscriptions.
6. Access control is either everyone or only JIDs that subscribe to the
owner's presence (specified whenever info is published to the node).

If an application needs more functionality (like notifications) then it
can use PubSub instead.

- Ian

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