[Standards-JIG] proto-JEP: Flagging the Primary Resource

Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 22:16:14 UTC 2005

> If resource1 was the primary beforehand, due to being the 
> only resource 
> online, and resource2 didn't have the primary extension sent for its 
> presence, then how would resource2 have been flagged as 
> primary, even for a 
> fraction of a second?

I was just discussing the possibility of doing without the XML of a
primary extension and documenting a simple convention instead:

I suggested:
> "If two resources have the same priority then subscribers 
> SHOULD consider the primary resource to be the one that they 
> last received a <presence/> stanza from."
> Another advantage of this approach (in addition to not 
> requiring new <presence/> content) is that whenever the primary 
> resource changes (to another resource with the same priority) 
> the server only needs to send a single <presence/> stanza. 
> (The current proposal requires two stanzas to be sent, one 
> with and one without the <primary/> element.)

I was interested if anyone sees any reasons not to do it this way

- Ian

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