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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>>> 9) Should SHIMs (Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata) be included in
>>> "Example 94. Subscribers are notified of deletion" if the node supports
>>> multiple subscriptions?
> Ah, I think so. We still need to specify when SHIMs are to be included.
> I'll look at your previous mail about that and post a separate message.

I've added the following implementation note to my working copy:

12.12 Inclusion of SHIM Headers

When SubIDs are used, Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata (SHIM)
headers are to be included in order to differentiate notifications sent
regarding a particular subscription. The relevant use cases and
scenarios are:

    * Sending notifications regarding newly-published items as described
in the Publish an Item to a Node use case.
    * Sending notifications regarding deleted items as described in the
Delete an Item from a Node use case.

The SHIM headers are generated by the node to which the subscriber has a
subscription, which may be either a leaf node or a collection node.

SHIM headers are not to be included when the content does not differ
based on subscription ID, e.g., when a node sends notification of a
configuration change to the node itself, notification that the node has
been purged, or noticiation that the node has been deleted.

See also the latest CVS diff (added a SHIM example to the item deletion
section as well):



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