[Standards-JIG] File sharing JEP

François Beretti francois.beretti at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 22:36:21 UTC 2006


First, a few warnings:
I am new to XMPP and new to this list, I am just a normal Jabber user.
So I probably made several mistakes or misunderstandings on Jabber,
the JEPs, etc.
I am not english, so I probably made several english errors.
I hope I dont make you waste your time, don't hesitate to give me just
a link to an answer or something

So I start: I would really like to have file sharing features added to
my Jabber client, who seems to be extensible.

I have tried file sharing software like QNext ( http://www.qnext.com/
), who let the user create shares, and give access on them to members
or groups of members of its contact list. Depending on the type of
share the actions are different : a file share allow the contacts to
download the files, a music share allow the contacts to listen to the
music using streaming, and a photo share allow the contacts to view
the photos in a graphical gallery.

But for the moment, a simple file sharing can be enough.

For this I found the JEP 135:
on which a few remarks have been made on this list (I searched the
archives with gmame):
 - due to JEP 105, a file information doesn't contain the file type
when retrieved in a list of files, which force the contact to retrieve
individual file information to know it, which is a waste of time and
 - JEP 135 does not allow to specify access control lists when
publishing a share

Then, as a last remark, the jep was deferred due to its inactivity.
As I would like to implement it, I would like to know what it lacks,
and make my own remarks.

I am not sure to understand the file transfer part. Can a media file
be streamed over the network ?

Moreover, in the same way some people want to add a type for a file, I
would like to add a type for a node of the tree, to define share
 - file share
 - photo share
 - streamed media share (music, video..)

That makes me wonder: after the JEP is approved, if someone want to
add a share type, it can't modify the JEP, since it is approved. Can
there be a JEP extension ? Or does it mean such a restricted type list
is not accepted in a JEP, in order not to restrict future use ?

As the type problem is actually in the JEP 105:
which defines a tree transfer, I studied this JEP, that is also deferred.

The first lack I see in it seems to be the ability to specify a type,
for both a file and a directory. But we could also want to add
information like the size of a file, or the rights you have on the
directory (read or write).
As JEP 105 is deferred, is it possible to modify it ?

For the problem of access control, I don't think we should publish the
access control list of each share, so I think it has not its place in
the data. But maybe I forget a big thing...

One problem I see is that the shares and the access control are
configured on the local machine, and are not present if you connect
from somewhere else. As most shares are local files it shouldn't be a
problem, but JEP 135 describes a share stored on a file server while
you connect from another computer. So for this type of shares, access
control and shares configuration should be stored in another place
than the computer. I don't know what is possible with Jabber on this

But maybe I should start trying to implement all this in a plugin for
my Jabber client, which means for me starting learning python and
writing plugins for Gajim (I don't even know if its possible)

Thank you :)

Best regards,

François Beretti

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