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Michal Vaner (Vorner) michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Sat Apr 8 10:56:38 UTC 2006

Dne sobota 08 duben 2006 12:09 Jacek Konieczny napsal(a):
> On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 10:34:48AM -0600, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > /me bites the bullet
> >
> > IMHO the long-term solution is to do all out-of-band media exchange
> > using Jingle. That would include file transfer / file sharing.
> I don't agree with it. It took a lot of time to get a decent, working,
> implemented in many clients file transfer protocol. Do you remember the
> time we had several incompatible file transfer protocols? Do you really
> think the advantages of the new file transfer protocol are worth moving
> back to that?
> In Jabber we need working, even if not perfect, protocols for the
> features people want. We still don't have good (working and impelmented
> in many clients) avatar protocol. We still don't have good protocol for
> voice communication between two Jabber clients (not IP telephony, just
> simple voice communication -- that is what users want. Jingle is still
> work in progress). But we have more and more new, more and more
> complicated protocols nobody uses... Jabber was good as it was simple,
> now it goes the way H.323 and SIP (SIMPLE) went... I don't like that.

I must completely agree. Only simple things are genial.

And file transfer is working. Keep what is working and change only what is not 
working. I do not see any reason why change this in completly different way. 
Say what you want, but jingle is extremely complicated. There is no 
implementation of jingle yet (libjingle does not do jingle, but some odd 
google sessions) and we are talking about using jigle for everything. I hope 
messages will stay inbound, they could of course be transfered using jingle 
and it would ease the servers, right?


Ostatně soudím, že uzavřené protokoly a formáty by měly být zničeny, stejně 
jako Kartágo.

Michal Vaner (Vorner)

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