[Standards-JIG] File sharing JEP

Michal Vaner (Vorner) michal.vaner at kdemail.net
Sun Apr 9 07:22:12 UTC 2006

Dne neděle 09 duben 2006 03:59 Trejkaz napsal(a):
> On 09/04/2006, at 01:09 AM, Julien PUYDT wrote:
> > Peter Saint-Andre a écrit :
> >> IMHO it might be best to do this using Jingle.
> >
> > Hmmm... I didn't read the jingle jeps, but there is quite a
> > difference between an audio/video stream used in a communication
> > and a file.
> There is only one difference, AFAIK.  In the case of a file transfer,
> all the bytes have to come in order, whereas in the case of a media
> stream, some loss of data is acceptable.

There is another one. TCP connection sometimes 'gets stuck' somewhere, when 
there are packet losses. It recoveres after some time, which is OK for a 
file, but waiting half a minute in the voice is quite unwanted.

However, when you transfer a file, you probably want to use all the available 
line you have (which is hard doing with UDP, but possible) and you want not 
to waste the line, so you need to know the optimal size of packets to 
transfer, which is imposible to detect from unprivileged application and is 
imposible using UDP, you would need raw packets for this.


Ostatně soudím, že uzavřené protokoly a formáty by měly být zničeny, stejně 
jako Kartágo.

Michal Vaner (Vorner)

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