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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Apr 10 22:58:13 UTC 2006

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Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Etan Reisner wrote:
>>> Peter Saint-Andre said:
>>>> Several people have asked me whether it is possible to be in the same
>>>> room with multiple resources but the same nickname. E.g. I join a room
>>>> from home and work but both resources have a room nick of "psa". If I
>>>> provided the preferred nick in the join presence then your client
>>>> could show my preferred nickname for both resources. How a client
>>>> should show that is up to the client. But we can provide some
>>>> suggestions.
>>> Is the idea here that multiple clients would in fact connect to the
>>> chatroom with the same room nick and the same nickname? Or is it that
>>> this would allow for one person to join the room with two different
>>> resources and yet still show themselves as being the same person, by
>>> using the same nickname?
> Imagine the following scenario:
> A room globe at chat.shakespeare.lit
> A user bill at shakespeare.lit with two resources:
>   - home
>   - work
> Now Bill wants to join the room from both home and work but appear as
> the same occupant in the room.
> There are two possible ways to handle this:
> 1. In section 6.3.10 of JEP-0045 (Nickname Conflict), change the "MUST
> return a conflict error" to SHOULD or MAY. This would enable a MUC
> implementation to allow the following:
> <presence from='bill at shakespeare.lit/home'
>           to='globe at chat.shakespeare.lit/Bard'/>
> (i.e., Bill joins from home)
> <presence from='bill at shakespeare.lit/work'
>           to='globe at chat.shakespeare.lit/Bard'/>
> (i.e., Bill also joins from work as the same resource)
> Naturally it would be up to the implementation to appropriately handle
> presence, route in-room messages to both resources, route private
> messages to both or only one resource as desired (based on presence
> priority or whatever), etc.
> 2. Use JEP-0172. The user specifies a desired nickname and clients show
> that instead of the roomnick. So:
> <presence from='bill at shakespeare.lit/home'
>           to='globe at chat.shakespeare.lit/foo'>
>   <nick xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/nick'>Bard</nick>
> </presence>
> <presence from='bill at shakespeare.lit/work'
>           to='globe at chat.shakespeare.lit/bar'>
>   <nick xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/nick'>Bard</nick>
> </presence>
> The more I think about it, the more I realize that approach #1 is
> probably better for this use case. The user still might want to specify
> his or her preferred nickname in a room (since a room might lock down
> roomnicks or whatever), but not to solve the problem of multiple
> resources showing up as the same occupant.

I've added this to my working copy of JEP-0045 (i.e., to let a MUC
service accept more than one occupant with the same room nickname if the
bare JIDs match).


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