[Standards-JIG] Re: JEP-126 (Invisibility)

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Wed Apr 12 21:18:53 UTC 2006

> My proposal is to use IQs to selectively change a user's presence  
> to invisible(offline) but also to any other state with an option to  
> choose to which user's contacts this presence is directed. Note  
> that if no contacts are explicitly choosen then the presence can be  
> globally broadcasted.

This sounds pretty advanced to me, and a protocol to get this seems  
sounds very close to the full privacy lists management, so maybe it's  
not too much to do anyway.

Actually, the thing that makes privacy lists so awkward is the chain  
of listing+retrieving+modding+submitting. I think that a way to  
directly activate a submitted 'volatile' privacy list would help. So,  
you do something like this:
	<iq type='set'>
				<item type='group' value='myhiddenusers' action='deny' />
      				<item action='allow' />
This will create a new privacy list on the server and immediately  
make it the active list. When another list is activated (or the  
client disconnects), the list is discarded. Such volatile lists allow  
you to quickly set some kind of invisibility. However, this leaves  
the question how permanently blocked users fit in this scheme.

And i'm with ralph: the proposals of iq based invisibility and  
blocking (even the 'volatile lists' from above) don't have to be in  
the RFC, a profile JEP for privacy lists is fine.


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