[Standards-JIG] Thought about serverside messages archives

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Sun Apr 16 06:20:13 UTC 2006

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Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Possible solution: Asymmetric encryption, The server know the public key and 
> automatically encrypt message.  (the key is exchanged using JEP-0050)

That would work on securing the *archive* on an untrusted server.
Although the server still has seen the raw messages and could be tossing
them into an AT&T/NSA secret closet.

So the only gain would be that the retained archive is secure from
getting seen by possible hackers. Then again, my email archive is
nothing but a directory filled with text files stored on a central server...

> And how to make a search ?
>    - force to have a local archive
>    - Send the private key to the server with the search request.


>    - Use indexing on the server. 

Any implementation of searching an archive should probably use a decent
indexer. There's plenty of open source ones out there, but this needn't
be defined in a JEP.

>> 2. Autoarchiving is not compatible with the evanescent keys used for
>> secure end-to-end encryption - so you have to trust your server and your
>> correspondant's server.
> Agreed, if JEP-0027 is used, searching will not work fine.

That could be a good thing. Off the record better be off the record, so
if the encryption prevents archiving completely then that might be a
good thing.

As for searching encrypted messages, you could always tag them. An index
may also prevent a document from being reconstructed. It would still be
possible to know that a message mentioned some word. Only the context
and order would be missing.

> Another JEP could contains a file format. 
> But file transfers between client anyway require both client to be running at 
> the same time, which we can't assume in general.
> And the average user doesn't change often his main client (and he doesn't need 
> to download the whole archive on each client he use)

The server can also initiate a file transfer too. Just wanted to get
that out there before client to client transfers get out of hand.

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