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Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> Hi,
>> See above, I'm not a big fan of batch deletion. I'd prefer to make that
>> operation atomic. We don't allow batch publishing, why allow batch
>> deletion? I've provisionally changed the scheme to reflect that.
> i think publishing and deletion are 2 totally different things. Compare
> it with Email. I think the most people delete old email periodically. So
> what they do is go thru all emails, mark them all and delete them all at
> the same time. Which is a batch process for me. Same with NNTP, if a
> newsserver keeps the messages for e.g 6 month, then it will delete old
> messages in a batch process.
> And why not send all the event notifications in one message stanza? This
> will save lots of bandwidth.

BTW, I added an implementation note about batch processing here:


I've relaxed my stance on batch processing -- sometimes it is a good
thing, but I think that "client" developers (note: these might not be IM
clients at all!) need to be aware of the potential problems with it
(e.g., "last published item" is meaningless if you batch publish).


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