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Mon Apr 17 19:27:42 UTC 2006

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Hi Alex,

That is interesting -- I don't think we considered a difference between
delete and retract, but now that you mention it, the idea makes sense.
Right now we have one "verb" (<retract/>) and a node or service can be
configured to send notifications or not send notifications when a
publisher retracts an item. I think you are suggesting the following:

1. delete = remove item but do not generate notification

2. retract = remove item and generate notification

The question is whether we need two verbs or whether we can expose the
difference between delete and retract via node configuration (as we do now).


Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> Hello,
> i see a difference between retract and delete which is not covered yet
> in the JEP.
> retract:
> If i post a message to a newsgroup or on my blog, some minutes later i
> think this was a stupid message, better retract it. Then i make a
> retract and of course i want a notification to all subscribers. Normally
> a notification must be only send to the subscribers which have not
> received this item yet. And here a batch process makes no sense.
> Normally i don't retract multiple items. Only if i had a very bad day ;-)
> delete:
> I see this like a cleanup process. Because a pubsub provider or my
> server admin will not give me unlimited space. I have to cleanup old
> items from time to time on persistent nodes. Here i want no notification
> to my subscribers. Only subscribers which don't have the deleted
> messages can't retrieve them anymore from the server.
> Not only quota will force me to delete old messages sometimes. Its
> possible that a publisher just wants to delete some 2 years old items.
> Of course a pubsub component could put some cleanup options in the
> configuration.
> e.g.
> - when quota is reached delete oldest message on new post
> - keep items for x days
> etc...
> but i think we need both to be flexible enough.
> your comments please. I'm speaking here more as a client developer. I
> wrote no pubsub server component yet, so it would be interesting to hear
> also comments from server developers or admins.
> Alex
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